Who Loves Cake?

Some days we’ll just start out from our apartment at 10 am and walk and walk, covering different neighborhoods, spotting something new, checking out favorite stores…and we’ll get home at 6 pm. There isn’t much of a plan, it’s really all about exploring. Today was one of those Saturdays (and it was just 30 degrees out!) and we just measured the ground we covered and it looks like it’s about 7 miles.

So many things to report back on, too! So this will be my week of Saturday activities (and we covered quite a few). Hopefully we burned a few calories because we certainly tasted a few good things along the way.

First stop: Lulu Cake Boutique, 8th Ave in Chelsea

This is a new bakery that opened up just south of us. I’ve walked by on the other side of the street before, so finally had to go in. Cute cakes! I liked the clean interior with plenty of desserts displayed and a sample of the fun cakes they can do.

We couldn’t leave with out sampling something, so we got a red velvet twinkie. I think this might be better than a cupcake, because you get the cream cheese frosting in every bite with just the right amount of cake. They do quite a few retro desserts, including Snowballs and Yodels.

I find as a blogger that I really need to share the full experience with my readers, which means we couldn’t stop at ONE dessert. Oh no, that wouldn’t be good enough for you, my loyal readers!

Later in the day, we brought some home so that I could really investigate this cake shop.

All of the cakes come with directions to let it warm up for an hour after taking it out of the refrigerator so that the frosting is just right. We waited 15 minutes.

This is the hazelnut cake with buttercream frosting and crunchies between the layers.Update: I like cake, almost all cake. My favorite being carrot cake with cream cheese frosting or chocolate cake and chocolate frosting. M didn’t like this as much, but I told him I think it was because it was still cold.

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