2010 Year in Review…The Wines We Drank

I decided sometime late 2009 that it was easier to remember what wines I drank if I just took a picture. The label, the food I drank it with, I thought that would all help me remember the wine. It kind of worked. I will admit, it’s come in handy. At least I can scroll through the pictures in the store to try and remember the one we liked “that last time.”

It also made me realize I go back to the same wines. The 1st time we had Wyatt, I remember the guy at the store describing it as “gulpable”. On Chambers Street. It’s really funny what exactly I remember..

BYOB at Gazala Palace (two TeAwa’s here)
Lots of chicken breasts and wine
$9.99 bottle left over from book club
Our thing for Rose

We’re ending the year with a Pinot Noir from Crush, picked up on the way home from work. Here’s to more wine in 2011!

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