Almost White Christmas!

I love being home for Christmas. My mom really does the holiday and does it well. We have a real tree (cut down at the tree farm), lots of decorations and lots of treats. I’ve had the same knitted stocking since I was little.

I think my mom has threatened to cut out the cookies for years, but of course they are back. And I’ve already eaten about a dozen. There are only six or so we must have each year (but we always have more than that), everyone has a favorite.

My sister pitched in for the peanut butter kiss ones. My dad delivers a plate to all the neighbors late morning on Christmas Eve and when I get home early afternoon I help with the chocolate pie. Well, all I really do is melt the chocolate. But the timing is CRITICAL to the success of the pie!

Saw almost all the neighbors from my little street in Ellington and even discovered the new Trivial Pursuit on Christmas Eve (you can bet!) at our annual Christmas Eve gathering across the street.

I am back in New York now where it is windy, snowing, and now thundering and lightening. So will be in for the evening where I may snack on a few more cookies…

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