More Panettone?

First, a disclaimer: I’ve subscribed a few people to get email alerts when I have a new post. Just let me know if you’d like me to remove you. I claim to have the best or most interesting blog out there, but like to keep in touch and let you know what I’m up to.

In this case, it’s eating. Let’s be honest, especially this time of year. So continue my earlier post on Eataly panettone and to show just how serious I am about this cake, let’s move on to more versions!

It’s hard to resist the Trader Giotto’s version, it’s the right price and a sweet cake. Highly recommend. This one was gone before I could even get a picture of the cake.

And then we decided to test out a slightly different version which I’ve seen around. This version doesn’t have any dried fruit, but instead comes with powdered sugar. Supposedly, this is Italy’s most popular brand (Bauli).

I honestly couldn’t read the directions for sprinkling the powdered sugar (they were in Italian with little pictures). But it looked like you needed to put it near a heater and then put the sugar in. Then agita! Which I take to mean “shake!” It creates quite a mess. Here’s a peak into the bag (after someone decided to eat the top).

And my breakfast this morning. I toasted it and the powdered sugar formed a sugary crust. I tried to capture the crackly shine below. Mmmmm….

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