Panettone Time! The Eataly Version

For me, it’s always Panettone time. I know what you are thinking, those cakes in the box? The one Giada says to use for French Toast because they are so dry? Yes, that is the cake.

We decided to test one out last Christmas, just to see how dry and unappealing it might be. Well, it was a moist sweet cake and we were hooked. We’ve tried Trader Giotto’s, Eataly, one from Fairway, a mini one from Buon Italia. Basically, lots of brands. And lots of kinds, including plain, raisins, chocolate chip, and chocolate covered. We started early this year with one from Costco purchased in late October.

So how were we going to resist the piles of cakes at one of our favorite spots? Well, it didn’t go well.

This is the pile of Panettone at Eataly…

And this is the one we brought home…

Slight chocolatey flavor to the cake and a generous amount of chocolate chips. I want to say the cake consistency was denser (maybe I thought it should be denser for the price), but I’m actually not sure if it’s better than lesser varieties.

Our conversation while standing at the pile went something like this:
“Should we buy it”
“Mmm, yes? But do we really need this much cake?”
“You know we are going to buy it at some point, so let’s just get it over with”

I wish a had a good picture of the inside, or us digging in.

I love my Panettone toasted with peanut butter (my holiday time breakfast), or with butter, or maybe Nutella (but this isn’t allowed in the house anymore).

8 thoughts on “Panettone Time! The Eataly Version

  1. I really enjoy your photographs! (The first time I had a Panettone was when I was 18 years old visiting my best friend in Italy for Christmas and New Year so it's a sentimental cake for me. I'm very impressed that you were able to get through the crowds at Eataly to buy one.)

  2. Just a heads up if you haven't already tried it. Panettone makes exceptional french toast! I give these to people at Christmas and they have no idea what it is or what to do with it!Trisha

  3. And we are going to try another version this week. It's the Il Pandoro Di Verona, which comes with powdered sugar and doesn't have any fruit in it. Couldn't resist!

  4. Well Giada also recommended buying Emporio Ruilli's panettone, which I tried and is very average (not even worth the calories). Two years in a row now, my absolute favorite moist and flavorful panettone was Le Logge in the blue foil. If you could, please post a pic of the Eataly panettone. Does it have raisins or is it plain with a chocolate taste? The one for sale on their site just says it has a hazelnut glaze.

  5. Yes, there are surprisingly several varieties sold at Eataly. I meant to take a picture of the actual cake, but it was gone before I knew it! I may have to get another for the sake of the blog 🙂 it was the same sweet soft texture with large chips. No raisins in this one at all. I need to look for the blue foil one! Of course, my panettone partner in crime has us starting the "Four Hour Body" Jan 1st.

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