Holiday Time is Here!

Oh, do I love the holidays. I’m a big fan of NPR on my drive to and from the train station, but I’ve given it up for the 100% Christmas music radio station. And I hear the same songs over and over. I don’t care.

While my apartment is too small for a real tree, I love to see them out on the street. I love the lights in the parks and on the streets, the buildings decorated, and the window displays. Just a few shots from our travels this weekend…

Holiday Bike in Soho & Magnolia Bakery on the Upper West Side:
New York City Tree “Farm” on the Upper West Side:
Union Square:
W 57th (the KKR building) on the way to the Time Warner Center:
My favorite tree guy (family) on 9th Ave in Chelsea. I spoke with the owner of this tree place, he is from New Jersey. They were located across the street in front of the new apartment building before it was condos. I’m so glad they haven’t gone far!

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