And Back From Ann Arbor

And we are back from another October wedding. This time it was off to Ann Arbor, Michigan for S & S’s wedding. S (the groom) is a former colleague and roommate of my other half, so it was great to see him again and reconnect with some more former colleagues.

The weather was chilly, but delightfully fall like.

No matter where we go, we like to check out the local coffee establishments. Saturday it was Comet Coffee, where you can choose your coffee and then Hand Brewed, French Press or Vacuum Press (all done to order). Sunday it was Zingerman’s Bakehouse for some coffee and a cinnamon roll.

We didn’t just get coffee at Zingerman’s, though, we had to go for the full sandwich experience. I will admit, a place like this in NYC (think Katz’s) can induce anxiety and stress as people want your order NOW, the line grows behind you, and you realize you can’t find a table to sit at. Not so in Ann Arbor. The staff was patient and friendly and no one yelled at me. And the sandwich was deeeelicious.

And then off to the wedding where we had more cupcakes! But these were little miniature cupcakes and so cute!

It was Halloween weekend, and thy made sure to incorporate the theme. The pumpkin cookie in our gift bag went in a matter of minutes. At the reception, we had little bags with a picture of the bride and groom as kids (see the little sticker), filled with candy corn and other treats.

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