Carts in the Parc

Food, food and more street food. The roving food trucks are all the rage in New York, from cupcakes to korean tacos. And everything in between. This weekend I spent a day at the new Eventi hotel for Carts in the Parc, where the local food trucks gathered in one spot for the NY Wine & Food Festival. Let me tell you, this event make the tasting much much easier. The trucks were stationary and centrally located!

And with a group of 4, you can taste quite a bit…

Schnitzel and lamb (2 ways) care of Schnitzel and Things, NYC Cravings and the Bistro Truck. On the right is the Korean Taco from Krave in Jersey City. I didn’t get a picture of the Biryani, but it was great (and the food winner),

One of our foursome, with the host Andrew Zimmerman (of Bizarre Foods on Food Network):

Gail Simmons…honestly, she looked so much tinier in real life. Which then prompts the question “what would I look like on TV then?” While not a favorite of everyone in my house, I like Gail.

The dessert winner. This is the Salty Pimp from the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. Dulce de Leche squirted in the ice cream, a little sprinkle of salt, and then chocolate dipped. And that’s the big gay owner in the truck.

Had to have at least one picture of a truck!

A fun day and beautiful weather. We were even interviewed for Country Living online so will have to look for that clip!

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