Little Bit of Spain…in NY

So I thought we had discovered something new, until we found out it has been open 4 years.  But it’s only recently that we discovered Despana on Broome Street.  They sell all things Spain, including very good Chorizo.  This is the retail location of Despana Brand Foods.

On our first visit, we sampled the Chorizo and cheese, but on a subsequent visit, we had lunch.  I had the Bonita Bocadillo (tuna with tomatoes and sweet peppers).

And then we sampled more Chorizo, deciding on the traditional (again).  But this time, I thought we it would taste even better in one of the clay serving dishes.  Of course, it did!  Or at least it made me think I was at Txikito.  And we have a professional Chorizo chef here who gets it done just right.  Really, I cooked some this week and it just wasn’t the same!

Great dinner with a little local tomato and basil from the farmer’s market.  And our new clay Chorizo serving dish.

3 thoughts on “Little Bit of Spain…in NY

  1. They must grow yellow tomatoes in New Jersey, I think this might have been an heirloom. My sister thinks all we do is eat, so going to fix that.

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