Almost Too Empty!

The new Trader Joe’s opened on 6th Avenue and 24th Street, in what used to be a Barnes & Noble. It was empty for a while, with no indication of what would come fill it. And then I heard it would be a Trader Joe’s. And that it would be open Summer 2010.

But then this new one came, and it’s a 15 minute walk over. And it was downright empty. I wonder if it’s because it’s summer or people are on vacation. We’ll have to see!

We’ve been troopers and used to walk to the Union Square store for the 8 am opening on Sunday mornings. After a weekday trip when we first moved, and feeling like I was in a communist country back in the day, with empty shelves and long lines, it was Sunday at open or nothing. The big win was when they changed the opening from 9 am to 8 am. And even then there could be 50 people waiting out front. It was always a nice walk over there to get the blood going. Honestly, it’s fun to see the city just getting started.

But this is one is in the neighborhood. I like how they maintained the internal structure of the building and kept the columns. Same items, just more space!

Between TJ’s, our trips to Costco, Chelsea Market Fruit Exchange and the Union Square Greenmarket we are pretty set now.

One thought on “Almost Too Empty!

  1. Wow girly, This has to be the first TJ that i see empty!! Im glad you took a picture because im positive as soon as the buzz about the new store gets out there it will get packed!!!

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