Hot = More Ice Cream

I vowed to eat more ice cream this summer. In order to achieve the this lofty goal, I shared a Shake Shack concrete today. You have to love the B line (only for ice cream) because the burger line looked about 1/2 hour and in this heat, that’s a long time.

Two spoons, park bench and shade. We beat the heat. For a bit at least.

I’m quite loyal to the original Shack in Madison Square Park. You can’t beat the outdoor setting. The Hopscotch Concrete is a favorite and reminds M of Cable Car Crunch growing up. You can’t go wrong with custard, toffee, caramel and chocolate chunks.

I know I post quite a bit of yummy food items. Doughnuts, ice cream…we eat a lot of veggies, too. To balance it all out, of course. My sister thinks I just eat and post all the time. So here is my plug for I’m type A and like to record, so just record everything and make sure I’ve got the majority of the days in the green (a bad day is a red day). It’s free, available online, and works well on the go with the handy app.

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