Naples…I’m Coming!

So as I write this post, I realize that my initial plan of sticking to technology, baking and triathlons was a little limiting. I’ve covered donuts and coffee and picture taking…lots of random things over this past year. I’ve realized it has become more a way to share what is going on with my family and friends. And it’s nice to look back at my experiences. So maybe I’m just doing this for me, and my few readers.

I’m off to Naples, FL for a wedding on Friday! I’m very excited and ready for a little getaway. Just to get in the mood, here is a picture from our Naples girls weekend last July. I’m hoping to get some nice shots, though I’ve only made it half way through the manual and am not sure what the Tv settings is for yet!

2 thoughts on “Naples…I’m Coming!

  1. Have fun! I'm sure it will be a great time. BTW, Tv is the "shutter priority" setting on your camera, meaning that the camera will adjust itself around the shutter speed that you have set. This is generally a good setting if you want to stop action (a higher shutter speed). Av is aperture priority, best for choosing the depth of field that you desire.

  2. Thank you! You just saved me some reading today….maybe I won't need this at a wedding. Working on the Av setting and getting that down.

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