Buon Italia!

This is one of my favorite New York grocery establishments. Deep in Chelsea Market is Buon Italia, an Italian grocery. It’s a little goldmine of good Italian food, imported food stuffs and homemade sauces and dishes.
When you walk to the back, there is a full kitchen making chicken parm, pasta, raviolis. It’s like being in my Italian grandmother’s kitchen (if I was Italian, I’m not!). You just want to step behind the counter and take a taste of the sauce.
This is just one spot for Pannetone during the holiday season. Yes, we gave in and tried this once just to see what it was like. I had heard from Giada (of the Food Network) that it can be dry and makes great french toast.    And then one time became about 20 as we sampled every brand we came across.  But take a look at the giant pannetone:

I haven’t tried the marzipan candy yet, but doesn’t it look good?

We love the pasta sauces. Honestly, for a jar of sauce, you can’t beat Buon Italia. The bolognese tastes like you just made it (except someone else did). We’ve have a few dinners care of Grandma Buon. She also imports great Italian pasta.

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