Sidewalk Music in Soho

It’s been great weather since we hit April.  Does it seem like spring is here earlier this year?  The leaves are out, the tulips blooming, and allergy season upon us.  But it’s great weather for walking and seeing the sights and sounds.

After my 5 year old point and shoot died on me (the viewing screen went black), I decided to step it up with a Canon s90 after much researching.  It’s a point and shoot with advanced functionality, so you can play with the aperture and settings, but keep the camera size small and easy to fit in a pocket.  For me, this is key.  If I have to carry a big camera, I just won’t have it with me all the time.  As it is, I take a lot of random pictures with my iPhone so knew a big step towards a big camera was too soon.  Also, I need to really learn how to play with depth of field, the aperture and lighting.  So I bought an app that allows you to play with settings on your phone and gives you “recipes” on how to achieve a certain look in photos.  It’s great for just reminding me of the key points. 

So tested it out and captured a few performers last weekend down in Soho.  Testing out some nostalgia shots:

This group must have been from somewhere down South.  They had quite a crowd watching them and were definitely collecting some serious donations.

I’ve been trying to get the shot with the near item in focus and the background blurry.  Yesterday I finally got a good one.  I was working with what I had around (M and his sunglasses in the park).  But was excited to finally get it right!

I know, I know, for you photographers out there this is going to seem so simple.  But for a point and shoot girl like me, I was very happy.  It was a gorgeous day –  sunny, but not hot.  Lots of people out and about.  Wonderful day in New York.

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