Way Way South of the Border

We are going very south of the border, to Chile. It’s winter here, but summer there, and will help us channel warm, sunny thoughts.  It’s time for the Chacarero (it’s cha-kah-re-ro). My love affair started over 10 years ago in Boston. Every now and then the team would make the decision that it was “Chacarero Day” and we’d rally for a trip to the chacarero at Downtown Crossing. The line was always long, there was no dilly dallying when it was your turn, and if you asked very nicely, you could get some extra roasted red peppers (thanks, Tim, for this hidden secret).  The Chacarero is a traditional Chilean sandwich on a circular bread (there is something special about this bread, I can’t put my finger on it). Between the rounds are chicken (or steak), avocado spread, muenster cheese, tomato, steamed green beans, and special spices.  I was afraid I would never have another again (not really, but I hadn’t found a spot to go in NYC)…  But then cam Barros Luco on E 52nd Street. I put it on my “must get to” list, and the day came when I was in that neighborhood.  I know it looks messy, but it is oh so good. Barros Luco adds a special tangy mayo sauce, and while I typically pass on anything mayo-ish, I heard it was lemony and tasty.
This is a sign that it must have been good. Lots of napkins and a clean plate:
Update: Just heard there was a big quake off the coast of Chile, as I write this post. It’s all Chile today. Hope everyone is safe!
Barros Luco
300 1/2 East 52nd Street
NY NY 10022

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