Still Cold: Off to T Salon

It’s another cold weekend in New York which means more warm beverages! We only made it about 15 blocks south before we had to duck in for cover in the Chelsea Market. Way in the back there is a quiet little space where you can get a seat and sip your tea: T Salon.

Chelsea Market can be very busy, especially on the weekends. You are lucky if you can grab a table on the hallway through the market. Which is why we passed on the coffee shop for hot chocolate, we couldn’t find a seat! With some soothing music and a pot of tea, you can settle in for a little bit of rejuvenation at T Salon.
The helpful staff any will open up any can and let you smell the teas before you make a selection. We settled on a jasmine tea (I love the smell of jasmine).
The T Salon is the first sustainable tea cafe and bar (yes, they have a selection of wine and beer as well). The Los Angeles location just opened, so now you can enjoy the T Salon on both coasts. The stores use bamboo, as well biodegradable or recyclable packaging (made of recycled paper and non-toxic soy ink). Corn plastic is used for all to go cups (I love these, we have them at work, and they are 100% biodegradable). Last but not least, many of the teas are organic.

Grab a little sweet nibble and settle into seats in the back of the store!
T Salon, Chelsea Market:
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