New Year, And More Cocoa

It’s been cold here in 2010. Downright cold and blustery. But we are out and about people and love to go walking on the weekends. The wind and chill factor have really put a crimp in our “walkabouts”, but we have managed to venture out a little closer to home.

On Sunday, we ventured down 9th Avenue for more hot chocolate. When I last posted in December I mentioned that I was going to taste my way through hot chocolate in New York. This is my 3rd official stop (and if it stays this cold, there will be more!).

Cocoa V is a vegan chocolate shop on 9th Avenue and 20th Street (very near Three Tarts) and is new to the neighborhood. It is a Chocolat Boutique and Chocolate Wine Bar with half the space dedicated to chocolates and the other half to seated service. We just dropped in for a hot chocolate and split a large one while we warmed up.

The waiter was very nice, let us take a seat and sit for awhile while we enjoyed out beverage. I wish I was able to snap a few shots of the cases of lovely chocolates, but I was trying to be discrete (I hate to be the blogger taking too many pictures). They looked delightful.

I am not particularly focused on living a vegan lifestyle (just wait for my Shake Shack post), but if it’s good, I’ll eat or drink it. This was the best hot chocolate yet, hands down. Very rich and creamy, with a hint of spice and homemade marshmallows. I think there was some cinnamon and cardamon. There is a spicier version so I may have to try that.

I have seen these types of marshmallows bagged and boxed at Whole Foods and specialty food shops, and wondered if they were really any different than a jet puffed marshmallow. I can report that they are in fact delicious!

The site is still under construction (they are very new!):

3 thoughts on “New Year, And More Cocoa

  1. If you carried a flask of whiskey to turn your hot cocoa into a Jack the Ripper cocktail, you'd have a lot more fun! I remember the cold, blustery days in NY. I've never been colder, but in an odd way I miss that weather. Keep warm!

  2. Love the hot cocoa spoon! Looks great! I know some companies that make the handmade marshmallows (they were trying to sell me on them). We're not the right target market but they were quite delightful. I think you should try making them at home!!They're calling for snow in Atlanta today!

  3. I know, weren't the spoons cute, too! I guess I have a difficult time paying more than $2 (which is probably why I haven't given in to the Whole Foods displays with them!).

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