The Standard Hotel on the High Line

You can’t possibly discuss the High Line without touching on the Standard Hotel, an Andre Balazs creation. But first I have to recount my initial encounter with the structure. Back in the day when I lived in Connecticut and we’d drive into the city on the weekends, we would park in the meatpacking (easy parking). I would watch as this giant concrete thing came up out of the ground. Was it a new bridge to NJ? It was just so odd looking. Well, now I know it was the elevator bank.

The hotel rises to great heights over the High Line, and you walk right underneath.
At first it was only open for a select crowd, those in the know. Which means I probably could not have gotten a room. What is most interesting is that the rooms have floor to ceiling windows and it is not uncommon at all for some exhibitionism. It goes on all day and night, from what I’ve read (have not seen).

The hotel sports an upper level bar, nicknamed the Boom Boom room, with a 20 person hot tub. This is a little creepy to me. But the views from the 18th floor are probably amazing. A room for private events (the High Line Room) just opened with views level with the High Line, and this may be more my style.

Street level, you can enjoy The Standard Grill, or an outdoor beer garden next door. The Grill has gotten pretty good reviews, although it’s pretty hard to get a table. If you do snag one, you are likely to see a celeb or two.

We’ve walked through here on a Thursday night and the hotel entrance area was hopping. Just like a scene from SATC when the girls are out in the meatpacking on a busy night. It’s quite easy to take a look inside or enjoy the modern furniture for some rest. It’s all a really bright yellow, as is the actual entrance.

For Fashion Week, they knitted stockings for the posts out front.

If you are ready to book your room, or just want to read more the Standard Hotel site:

For the “Exhibitionist Enthusiasm” check out the NY Post piece via NY Mag.
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