Hudson River on the High Line

This is my last post in this week’s focus on the High Line. Thank you for joining me! Today I’m off to a wine event during New York’s Food & Wine Festival with my very good friend Emmie, otherwise known as the Aspiring Southern Housewife.

So here we go with one last little piece of the park that I enjoy.

This is the Hudson River.
And so is this:

Under Chelsea Market Passage on the High Line, you can view “The River That Flows Both Ways”. It is an installation of 700 panes of colored glass designed by Spencer Finch. This is his first major public exhibit in New York City.

How does this relate to the Hudson River?

On June 12, 2008, Finch photographed the Hudson River’s surface once every minute for 11 hours on a tugboat. The Creative Time website describes it best, so will borrow from their site:

The color of each pane of glass was based on a single pixel point in each photograph and arranged chronologically.Time is translated into a grid, reading from left to right and top to bottom, capturing the varied reflective and translucent conditions of the water’s surface. The work, like the river, is experienced differently depending on the light levels and atmospheric conditions of the site.

He tries to capture the color of water.
Finch lives and works in Brooklyn, NY and has a degree from RISD. He works on both installations and paper, and according to the High Line site, he works with difficult subjects and tries to explore the nature of color, light, and memory. He “works to operate in the gap between the objectivity of scientific data and the subjective nature of perception”.

I think the exhibit is especially interesting when you know the story and then see the reality.
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2 thoughts on “Hudson River on the High Line

  1. Funny, but in the new NY office of my company, there is a Spencer Finch piece hanging there. I'm probably the only one who knew he did the High Line piece!

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