My Local Fruit Cart

More fruit for you today!

Did I mention I love fruits and vegetables? When I can’t make it to the Greenmarket, I can always rely on the fruit guy on the corner of 23rd and 9th Avenue for fruit. I will admit, I used to think it was odd to buy the random banana from a guy with a few pieces of fruit on a table.

But I’ve noticed the vendors these days have piles of fresh fruit at great prices. I have actually seen My Fruit Guy on a headset with clipboard in hand, calling in orders. This is when I realized this was not some one off operation. That is him in the yellow shirt below at 8:15 am this morning:

My Fruit Guy is out there well before 8 am, and he’s selling fruit until well after 9 pm. Have I mentioned the amazing deals on fruit? Three containers of blueberries for $5. Five huge, non bruised bananas for $1. Pineapple, cherries, lychee (yes, I’ve seen these!), grapes, mangoes…he’s got it all. He is also well skilled at the upsell (“1 more box for $5?”). Needless to say, I’ve eaten lots of blueberries this summer: in my greek yogurt, in cereal, plain, in muffins, and in cake. I did not get to the pie, but there is still time left.

My Fruit Guy Selling Fruit

Keeping the Fruit Shaded

I’ve noticed that there are more fruit carts all over the city these days. They are officially known as “Green Carts” and New York City has actually approved more food carts to sell fruits and vegetables, particularly in areas that don’t have great access to fresh produce or supermarkets. Yes, because everything needs a permit in NYC (the hotdog guy in front of the Met? His license cost upwards of $500K a year).

According to the Times, one vendor at 165th Street found business to be so good, he stays open 24/7.

I snapped this one on my way from the ATM on 23rd and 8th Ave this morning.

Getting Shipments for the Day
I think it’s great when we make produce easily accessible for all!

3 thoughts on “My Local Fruit Cart

  1. amen, Sister! I'm actually envious! Believe it or not, I don't have tons of fruit stands right near my house. I met a guy (can't remember how/where) whose father used to own property near our house and had a fruit and veg stand. Sadly he, like so many others, sold his large lot to a strip mall company. I did find one great one on the other side of town and will post on it next week!

  2. YUM!I have been searching for a good fruit stand or farmer's market and there just haven't been any this summer. I did find some really yummy fruit at trader joe's though, so I have been surviving. I love the look into your neighboorhood-I saw Joe's (your coffee place) referenced in this week's people magazine!

  3. I can't say the fruit from these random street ones is local (um, a mango from NH?), but is very convenient. Went to the Farmer's Market in Beverly Hills this morning, and the fruit was to DIE for. White nectarines, fresh figs, oranges. They definitely do more fruit out here.

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