Eat Your Fruits and Veggies: Union Square Greenmarket

And here is what is fresh this week:

I love fruits and vegetables in the summer. Love them. I will say, that I do like a good sprayed apple (they are bigger, crunchier, last longer) from Fairway. But I can’t help go local or organic at the Union Square Green Market. The market is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (I think Saturday is the best day to go). We bring our handy Whole Foods reusable back and walk over there (I try to do my part).

On our typical shopping list is radishes, basil, carrots (never will I buy baby carrots in a bag again), and tomatoes (heirloom and Jersey). Who knew there were purple and white carrots, in addition to orange? The heirloom tomato is a particular favorite, and we lean towards the big, oddly shaped ones. But these little baskets looked too good to not take a picture.

I’ve been reading about tomato blight that’s affected our tomatoes up north. Tim Stark, a Pennsylvania farmer with his own stand (and the author of “Heirloom Notes from an Accidental Tomato Farmer”, see my Aug. 14th post), said he had to spray one of his organic fields to save the tomatoes. The late spring rain was a factor (and there is an interesting read in the NYTimes from a local chef about other potential causes. Interesting read).

Here is a nice pile of local corn. This reminds me of the Elote (Mexican Sweet Corn) at a friends BBQ this month. They sell it at the street fairs (I can’t even imagine the margin, at $3 an ear?). But it’s so yummy. The corn is roasted on the grill, then brushed with a creme fraiche mix and sprinkled with a mix of spices (chili powder, cumin) and Cotija cheese. I’ve found a recipe so can make it on my own when I get that grill, and deck. Or you can invite me over to your rooftop and I’ll make it for you.

I don’t have a picture, but my big find earlier in the season was fresh beets which I roasted in the oven and made a beet, goat cheese and candied pecan salad. If the local chefs shop for their produce here, I can shop and cook, too! I will admit, I passed on the ramps. In fact, I actually had to email my friend, Emmie, and ask if she had ever cooked with them.

One last picture, the flowers for sale:

Here’s to more finds at the market this Fall!

*I’ve become a big fan of the camera on my iPhone. As someone pointed out, it’s always with you. And I can very discreetly take pictures. People think I’m texting. I only have the 3G version, but hear the camera on the 3GS is even better (and it does video, though I would spare you on my blog). All the pics easily transport over to my mac when I sync, it’s great.

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