My NY*: The Local Book Store


Have you watched You’ve Got Mail and also loved the little local bookstore? Is it a dream to open a stationary store, bookstore, or bakery?

I will admit that I’m an customer. I will note books, add them to my cart, and wait until I qualify for the free shipping. But there is something about browsing a bookstore for ideas, for the opportunity to discover something new.

Despite my efficient and practical book procuring side, I am in love with 192 Books in Chelsea (10th Ave @ 21st St). It is a small general-interest bookstore that opened in 1993. I walked by 192 Books for nearly 1 1/2 years before ever stepping inside (it is on the way to my gym). One afternoon, we made a trip specifically to the bookstore…and it was delightful!

What I love most is that they have a well-chosen selection of non-fiction and fiction. I love to discover books before they become bestsellers (which is why I still haven’t read The Kite Runner). I love books where I learn something. I love stores that give me ideas for my reading pile.

They have a good selection of Steve Coll (a favorite for current events). But I was also reminded of Chasing the Flame: One Man’s Fight to Save the World by Samantha Power. I noticed that many of the books features on The Colbert Report are here as well.

And there are author events! In June I attended an event with Alice Hoffman featuring her new book, The Story Sisters. It was a small, intimate event with fans, avid readers and neighborhood folks.

For the local tourist, the shop is just around the corner from the 20th St entrance of the High Line. A great little place to wander to post urban garden/park!

** “My NY” is my new series on events, places and items of interest as I explore NY during my post-employment. Triathlons, baking and technology was a little limiting and doesn’t allow me to capture some of my favorite things!


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4 thoughts on “My NY*: The Local Book Store

  1. Your post is exactly why I love London so much. . .all of the cute little shops with special interests and helpful employees. I also happened upon a great bookstore in Southampton with an employee who actually helped us pick out a book (a first for me in a bookstore that someone actually pointed me towards a book I liked) . . .Loved the post!!

  2. Thank you for your comment! Maybe I should do a world tour of little bookstores 🙂 I can just imagine sitting there, ringing up books, nice and quiet…

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