Ode to my iPhone

I have a love affair with my iPhone. MB knows, he loves his just as much. Of all my physical items I have this is at the top. It’s a life changer, and I know you think it’s silly. But you will text more, check the internet more…I can “see” my voicemails. Ahh, it’s all so wonderful.

I’ve tested my fair share of apps and am always looking for new useful, neat ones. And I do use them…

There was a night we just started out from our apartment with no particular dinner place in mind, just the sense that we needed to head south into Chelsea. Into the West Village, my tummy starts to rumble. We come upon Wallse. It looks good, there are people there, but is it any good? I’ve previously hit upon this one with Urban Spoon, but take a look at yelp (this is all on the iphone). Deciding to walk on, we give my little device a shake shake shake to get the wheels of Urban Spoon going and discover a little Italian trattoria a few streets down. Thanks Urban Spoon! It’s delightful, with windows open to a quiet street in the West Village, and packed. But cash only. And being someone that has $2 in cash to her name, we were now in search of an ATM. Another win: BoA mobile banking with ATM locations! And Google maps to tell me which is closest!

Seriously, what would we have done before?

1. We never discovered this place (and honestly, I can’t remember the name, it’s on Washington, almost to W 10th).
2. We would have abandoned the find for lack of cash (I’m against sketchy ATM machines in bodegas).
3. Gone somewhere we’ve already been.

I have the 3G, but not the 3Gs and have been told by my tech savvy sources that the next version will be a new form factor (the size, thickness, etc will change). I’m ready. And if it would go to Verizon, too, I’d be even more ready.

I can’t explain how great this device is. You will use aspects of it you never thought you needed? Did I ever need to email a pic instantly or post it to facebook? um, YES?!?!

One thought on “Ode to my iPhone

  1. See, it just sounds so fabulous, but I need it to move to another provider! And I love that shake-shake thing. And I think you can do like "bumps" on it. So cool. Just not on TMobile. 😦

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