Camping: The Prep

10 months after the move, we are finally going camping.  This is not hard core, hike in hike out.  I’m told we can drive to the camp site and we’ll stay put.  Which makes sense since there are about 10 toddlers on this trip.  What do the 3 New Yorkers do 2 weeks before the trip?  Go to REI, decide it’s too much, then go home and order everything online.

One person did make a purchase.  She was SO into this mat, fold it up, lay it out, fold it up, lay it out.  Over and over.

Coffee on 4th Street

Last weekend we walked around 4th Street in Berkeley.  Of course, with a stop for coffee at Artis.  There are a few locations:  Hayes Valley and the Castro (SF), Berkeley..and Bangkok?

You might think they are changing the world by their mission statement:
To inspire a new generation of coffee lovers. We believe that coffee is a fascinating product that weaves together geography, culture and flavor into a single cup. We are about exploration, engagement and enjoyment of all things coffee.

Then over to the bay side where we checked out the water.  It was windy.  Very windy.  There was some swing action, and the only way to extract S from that activity was the promise of water.  Didn’t tell her she wouldn’t be able to touch it.

One Girl Cookies

This post should have been a May post but I just didn’t get my act together.  But now that the gifter of these cookies is on to bigger things at Wharton this Fall, I knew I had to do my One Girl Cookie post.  S. brought these all the way from NY!  To say they are gobble-up-able is an understatement.  A box full of really tasty little cookies, what’s not to love.  I ate more than my fair share.  Someone had to get in there during my photo attempt.  Thanks S. and best of luck this fall!

Here they are!

Brexit Styling

Wow, I haven’t posted in nearly a month.  I better get on it!  Little S here was rocking her British flag socks in support of the Remain camp.  Two days of the socks (2 variations).  Alas, it wasn’t enough.  Maybe the socks and sandals were offensive to folks.  These are now the only shoes she wants to wear.  Socks mean cleaner feet and less sunscreen application (even if it is a tad).


$16 later…

DSC08799She’s saying:  “don’t you dare take my fancy waffle away from me”.  That’s a liege waffle.  Lightly sprinkled with sugar in the waffle iron to form a nice crisp.  I thought it was bad, $16 for 2 coffees, one waffle, one chocolate cookie.  But then that family behind us had that, a lb of coffee, a beverage for the kid and they all had waffles, or maybe the egg toast.  Whatever it was, they looked like they spent $50.

That’s when I thought this wasn’t so bad.


It must be berry season because the cherries and strawberries are out.  S likes a good strawberry, dripping juice and all.

I never buy the cherries, I just sample them.  What I want is for someone to make me a homemade cherry pie.  Maybe I should just buy one!

Vancouver! Victoria!


Quick 2 day trip to Canada.  Two very long days, though. Vancouver seems like a great city and the mountains in the background are beautiful.   I’ve never been and would love to go back for fun.  I even fit in a sea plane trip over to Victoria.  This little puddle jumper was busy all day long, flights leaving every 20 minutes.  Which means the pilot is actually looking out the window to confirm where the planes are.