Scoop of Ample Hills? Yes, Please.

What a nice surprise to find scooped ice cream at 2 pm.  I strategically planned my catch up on the pantry level floor where the action was.  I was 3rd in line for the Chocolate Milk and Cookies.  Ample Hills is a Brooklyn based ice cream maker.  Of course it’s small batches, what else would it be these days?

Summer Equals Ice Cream


This may have been the plushest grass I’ve ever lounged on.  Really.  We went out to Randall’s Island for the annual work picnic.  The event was rescheduled after an outdoor concert turned the island into a muddy mess in June.  We were the beneficiaries of brand new grass.

IMG_1954 IMG_1961

It was a beautiful afternoon to enjoy a few beers, food, and ice cream with friends and colleagues.  I couldn’t resist and had 2 mint chocolate chip cones.  It’s summer, and they just kept making cones.  How can one say no?  I love the ferry ride back to 34th Street.   Great views of the east side of Manhattan at night.

IMG_1955 IMG_1960

Mad Sq Eats. Yum. Yum. Double Yum.

It’s the annual Mad Square Eats on a little triangle near Madison Square Park.  Got a call from my guy who was already there, so dropped off the work stuff at home and headed over for some dinner.


It was packed!  I think it’s an after work go-to for some areas businesses like Credit Suisse.  We started with 2 brisket sandwiches from Mahem & Stout.  Mine was topped with blueberry siracha and pickled onions.


The we shared some chicken wings of the Bon Chon variety (really crispy) at Hong Kong Street Food…


And then ice cream from Dream Scoops. Mark knows the proprietor so we got a free cone.  And it was so good, we went back for a 2nd (and paid).  Tried salted caramel, milk & cookies and dark chocolate.  I’m not going to feel guilty about this either, we have a 2 hour preview of the Mont Tremblant bike course on the computerized bike trainers on Saturday.  Just fueling up!


Check it out:  Mad Square Eats