Brooklyn Piggies & More. Smorgasburg 2013.

IMG_1520Yup, that’s right.  Pigs in a Blanket.  From Piggies at Smorgaburg in Brooklyn last Saturday.  We usually get out here a few times each year, like in 2011 or 2012.  We started out with these, then shared nachos and a brisket sandwich.  I almost forgot we finished this all off with a bit of s’mores pie from Butter & Scotch.

IMG_1525And there was even a Lumpia Shack!  We devoured these at my friend Anna’s last summer.  And now they’ve made it to Brooklyn.  I had to get more Granola Lab granola.  It’s really good and goes fast.




Giving it a Try: Granola Lab

Picked this up at Smorgasburg.   The owner of Granola Lab had a table out with samples of all of her granola.  I’m game for a sample.  Made in Brooklyn and shooting for the right combination of sweet and savory, this granola is good.  As she said at the table, she doesn’t skimp on the good stuff.

I had the Activation Energy with coffee, chocolate and hazelnuts.  But she also makes Tamarind Fusion (tamarind:  a new taste I recently discovered), Get Gingersnapping, and Cranberry-Cashew Compound.  It was great over my greek yogurt, especially because, as I mention above, she doesn’t skimp on the good stuff.  At $10 a package, it’s not cheap.  But it’s worth it because I looked forward to breakfast for  week. Of course, I always look forward to breakfast, but this made for an exceptional start to my morning.

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