Guests in The Bay

Had a great time with the White family who came to stay with use for a few days last week.  I’ve known Briana for…20 years??  Loved the 2 days off as well, was as being a total tourist in my own town.  We were busy, saw SF, Sonoma and Marin!  We decided we need to be like the Whites and get in the car and do drives to national parks.  Rodney documents their trips on Whynotjustgo.  Give us a few years, first.

Thursday:  San Francisco
We ventured into SF for our big Alcatraz tour, then ended up with lots of stops along the way.  Philz Coffee in the morning, lunch with Briana’s cousin, Ghiradelli square for ice cream, Lombard Street and the Painted Ladies.

Alcatraz was great and I was pleasantly surprised by the audio tour.  Highly recommend that.

Friday: Benzinger Vineyard in Sonoma
This was a find.  It’s a biodynamic vineyard, was really quite, had a great little tour on a tractor and beautiful views.

We all went out for dinner to Gott’s and then frozen yogurt.  There were actually 2 stops for ice cream because 2 of the girls wanted the place with the candy and gummy worm toppings.

Saturday:   Marin and Sausalito

This was the day we all ventured out.  After a stop at Philz for coffee and pastries to bring back home.  Mandatory stop at In n Out (this was the 3rd burger for someone on the trip – and no, not me!), then to Sausalito for ice cream, and a stop in the Marin Headlands were we parted ways.  Lesson learned, when S wants the sprinkle cone, she is really not going to want to share yours.



Away to Charlottesville

I had to be there.  The Darden Girls were going to Charlottesville, VA.   I’d never stayed at the Boar’s Head, and it was quite delightful.   Very relaxing setting, afternoon tea and pastries, and very leisurely brunch.

Lots of talk, catching up, and new Charlottesville restaurants.   There was wine at most meals, including lunch as we pulled into downtown.

We had one little guy join us, the rest of the kiddos stayed home.  We missed them of course, but had a great time together. It had been years since we were all together.  We were overdue.

And S had some PF Chang’s Fried Rice with Daddy.


Summer Rose

We can’t drink enough of the pink stuff in the summer.  Our go to is Flatiron Wines.  Then we get bread at the Farmer’s Market or Eataly and make a big salad.  Love those summer vegetables.  Of course Baby is along for the ride.  IMG_8171 IMG_8170

The Green Market is Back!

I was hopeful when I headed to Union Square last Saturday. Maybe some carrots if I was lucky?  Perhaps some fresh herbs.  I was more than pleasantly surprised.  A full table of the salad bowl lettuce (I never thought lettuce could have taste, but it can!), radishes, dill, tomatoes and peas.  And a nice onion rye bread to round it out.  Only one thing to do with all of this…make a salad with some homemade buttermilk dressing.  Very excited about what the rest of the season has for me.

North Fork for Joe and Paul

What a great day to head out to the vineyards on the North Fork.  This was an early celebration for Joe and Paul who are getting married next month in London.  We won’t be making the trip, but wanted to wish them all the best.  Joe and I were on the same learning team at Darden.  Wow, we’ve known each other for 12 years!

We had the party bus pick us up in NY in the morning, dropping us off at the first vineyard around noon.  Three vineyards, group lunch on a picnic table and over 30 friends.

King Family Vineyard

It was a beautiful day in Charlottesville last Saturday.  After the Darden BBQ, we drove out to King Family Vineyard in Crozet.  We skipped the tasting, grabbed 2 bottles and sat outside on the patio enjoying the afternoon.  It’s a great setting the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background.

Last Saturday was a beautiful day in Charlottesville, so after the Darden BBQ we drove out to Crozet and Kings Family Vineyard.  I love the idea, you can skip the tasting and just get a bottle, glasses and sit outside on the patio.