Camping: The Prep

10 months after the move, we are finally going camping.  This is not hard core, hike in hike out.  I’m told we can drive to the camp site and we’ll stay put.  Which makes sense since there are about 10 toddlers on this trip.  What do the 3 New Yorkers do 2 weeks before the trip?  Go to REI, decide it’s too much, then go home and order everything online.

One person did make a purchase.  She was SO into this mat, fold it up, lay it out, fold it up, lay it out.  Over and over.

Sugar & Scribe

I needed a place to park myself and check emails before a meeting.  Found a place in La Jolla.  I gave in on the Morning Glory muffin.  One, I felt like I needed to buy something to eat.  Two, she said bran like and carrot. Ding ding ding!  I’ll take it. Great texture and crumb.  

Philz. I’m a Convert.

Philz Coffee.  When I got here people raved about it.  I’ve always been a Blue Bottle person.  I didn’t understand.  Now I do.  I get it.  Every single morning during the week.  They grind the beans, make your cup to order, and use whipping cream.  I prefer the Philtered Soul, but will do a Tesora every now and then.  And when it’s warm?  Then it’s time for the Iced Mint Mojito, of course.

Process:  order coffee, go pay, come back to get your coffee.  The New Yorker in me thinks this is ripe for someone to not pay.  These folks out here must be trustworthy.

I don’t love the logo, but I’m willing to take it.  Other locations have more of a community/hippy feel, but the Embarcadero location is a little different.

It’s a SF based chain, but there are LA locations, and one in Adams Morgan.

Planes and Airports

We made the trip East for Christmas, and Stella got to make brief stops in Charlotte and Dallas.  Lucky us.  I have resigned myself to the fact she is just going to touch everything.  Every little crack where she can stick her little finger..

We start looking ok on the red eye but it got worse…the picture even loaded sideways which probably is a good indication of how I felt come the 7 am arrival in Charlotte.


 The way back was a much harder trip.  Delays, missed flights and long rebooking lines.  Making friends in Dallas and enjoying the random open middle seat from Hartford.   And a little bit of relaxing.  



Doughnuts. It’s Been Awhile.

Did you think I wasn’t eating doughnuts because I haven’t posted recently?  We did have about 3 weeks off.   I splurged today with a blueberry and then a coconut lime doughseed.  This is a mini filled doughnut.  The mini means less guilt.

There is also a pic of baby really wanting to try the little mexican wedding cake doughnut.  No more teasing baby like this, she was just so sad when she realized I was not going to let her continue.  Should babies start on doughnuts this early?

Friday Night Family Dinner Night

We are off for the weekend, be back next week!  Until then, some pics from our dinner last Friday night at Txikito in Chelsea.  It’s tapas Basque style and has been here for a few years.  They’ve got the perfect spot to roll the stroller up to the bar.  Baby entertained herself while we enjoyed some wine and small plates.  I was inspired by the family there the prior week.  Yes, always on the look out for baby friendly dinner spots.